September 11, 2020

On this day, 19 years ago, the world stood still. We will never forget where we were when we received the news. We will never forget the images we saw from the horrific turn of events. We will never forget the senseless loss of life, shattered families and a terrorized nation that was left in a state of shock

September 11, 2001. 

I spent a great deal of time in New York the week of 9/11 for meetings and recording sessions. One meeting only led to another and pretty soon it was all work and no play, which was fine, because the work was actually a dream come true. However, the afternoon of September 10th, we wrapped on sessions and finalized the business and meetings were done. The hosts extended the invitation to stay a few more days to tour the city, visit a few spots and just enjoy NEW YORK.

Of course I considered taking them up on the offer, but realized the mission was complete and I was ready to get home to tell my Mom and Grandmother all about my experience. I left out that night assuring them I would be back soon! 

The next day I was extremely jet lagged. Probably tired from absolutely no sleep from the past couple of days. I remember my Mom coming to my room turning on the tv, saying "hurry, watch this!"

I, like the rest of the world watching, was in total disbelief. Watching the world pause as we witnessed pain, horror and fear. The more I watched, the more terrified I became. Seeing the entrance of the hotel I had checked out of just a day before, with the bellman who assisted me to the car covered in soot and in the mix of chaos. Life is short and it happens so fast. Things change within a matter of moments and seeing it unravel in real time is something we may never be able to truly grasp fully.

I read through several memorial posts this morning and ran across some words that I wanted to share.

(written 9/10/2020)

"On this day... 19 years ago 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights.

2,606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning the next day. 343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift. 60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for the morning shift to save lives. None of them saw past 10:00a.m. September 11, 2001."

The words are chilling and so true. Moments to Memories... Never take it for granted. It all can change in a twinkling of an eye. Spread love as much as possible. It's the one thing the world can't seem to get enough of.

We will #NeverForget where we were when we heard the news....

We will #NeverForget the loved ones lost on 9/11/2001