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The P.O.O.F. Movement is the power to make your life work in your best interest no matter how hard it may become at times, you should know that it's possible to accomplish what you consider as impossible. All success begins with a dream that is turned into a reality. Your reality is your life and no one else's, so don't depend on others to cherish your dreams as you do. Take control of your own life and do what is best for you. You are made unique and no one can ever compare to who you are as a person, as you are your own individual who is responsible for your own actions, good or bad.  Make great efforts to make great decisions so that your life can be as great as it was meant to be.  Of course there will be rough patches along the way but those obstacles will help guide you to your desired path in life as you learn from each one of those obstacles. Just never give up on "you" because "you" are the force to be reckoned with.  Never let anyone make you feel like you are any less than any one else because of any reason. We were all created equal and we are all equally special in God's Eyes no matter who or what we are,..we are all equal and equally as capable of accomplishing whatever goals we set out to do. Just be the best you that you could be in all aspects of your life for the rest of your life. #GodBless