July 10, 2020

Sometimes, I take time to write it down. My TO DO LIST. My mind is always roaming in circles and eventually pulls my thoughts into place with actions to follow. Nearing 2A.M., I've decided to etch out my list for the remainder of the year. The first half of 2020 was definitely above and beyond any of my wildest expectations. For the rest of 2020 I simply want TO DO: BETTER. In every aspect of my life I have the desire TO DO: BETTER

Being a better version of myself. Being a better daughter. Being a better friend. Being a better steward of my time. Being better with the decisions and efforts that I give to things on a consistent basis.


With so many uncertainties ahead, let one thing remain steadfast... our effort TO DO: BETTER as we grow through it all!

I love you and there is absolutely nothin' you can do about it!