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-- People often ask what genre of music do I sing? I could never put myself in a box with one type of music because I'm a music lover of all genres. But whenever I sing, and whatever I sing, I sing for the glory of God.  He loaned me to this world with a gift that I am grateful for and had been enjoying since the moment it was discovered at the early age of two and sang my first public solo in church at the age of three "Let There Be Peace On Earth" which was my favorite song to sing at the time . I was hooked and wanted to join the children's choir but I had to be baptized to join. To make a long story short I was baptized a few months later on Easter Sunday and had joined the choir where I sang for years. My Grandfather was a Pastor and a singer too, with the most wonderful bass vocals. I loved to sing with him as our harmonies matched up pitch perfectly. I got great joy in tagging along with him to many church services throughout our town and surrounding areas singing my solo before his sermon. Guess you could say I was his opening act. He was my vocal coach and is who inspired me to keep honing my gift. I entered every talent show and showcase I could find and landed spots on a few national shows including "Apollo Kids," and "It's Showtime In Harlem,".. Although my Grandfather was a Pastor and gospel singer, he never swayed me one way or the other musically. He said not to limit the gifts and abilities God created within you and also not to abuse them to influence negative societal grief because your words could either help or harm. When God Bless you with a platform, use it wisely, stay true to His guidance as long as it's pleasing to Him, no matter what the genre of music is, uplift positivity.  

I do my best to make sure that the same positive energy is carried on through my career in radio,  which began as a teenager, when I was the host of a community based teen talk show,  which was a movement for teens and their parents to get involved in the communication to help understand each other's views on important topics concerning today's youth.  It was a great platform which led me to continue the line of communication and to help mentor as many as I can by offering internships with hands on training in which they could earn extra class credits.   I love to see the smiles on their faces as they see their work come to life over the radio.   I aim to keep my slogan, "collecting smiles along the way" alive and a true statement in all I do, with all those I've encountered..  I truly enjoy the work God has called me to do, allowing me to continue and heighten my community involvement and to meet and work with many  great services . These community involvements has spun numerous awards,.. to name a few are,.. 

Women In Media's Personality of the Year, 

Chevy/Essence Voice of Tomorrow, 

American Heart/American Stroke Association Ambassador of the Year,

City Year's Recruitment Champion of the Year.   


A-Z, Lord, Let It Define Me, is my first book which INSPIRES you to dream big, as the possibilities of achievements are endless, if only you believe.   It MOTIVATES you to keep pushing forward and to never give up, because failure is never an option.  It EMPOWERS you in a world of many challenges, that you have the courage to withstand any obstacle that may be blocking your path to success.  This book is a great guide for all of your life coaching and needs, and a great source of reference for libraries, ministry, sermons, schools and homes everywhere.   This book is to be passed down for many generations to come.  I wrote this book with God and His people in my heart. Failure is not an option when the focus is to study and live God's words. 

Thank you so much for your positive feedback and support.  It is a blessing to be able to share gentle reminders of motivation, wisdom and inspiration that has meant so much to me throughout the years. 

With over 22 years of media experience, building and branding  tech start ups, to major corporations,  I have worked with some very influential trail blazers that blessed me with gems of business and life. 

You Were Born A Brand is more than a title. Let your work speak for you! 

"Soul Inspirations" stems from the many scribble notes of inspiration that I turned into quotes of which I often posted a few of them to my social media sites.  Some were even featured in several publications over the years.  As I was finishing up my book A-Z,.. I was reading through the hundreds of pages of the notes I had stashed in a folder and realized it was another book in itself. Good to know that years of writing didn't go to waste as I write in hopes to inspire and motivate in a world where a lot of society's negative standards seems to overpower the words of God.  This book will help you get back on the right track of a positive mindset.

Sincerely Yours, LaTangela



"She is always willing to help! It's refreshing to have someone show such a humble spirit of being a vessel".

-C.S. Smith, N.Y., N.Y.

Collecting smiles along the way... Sponsored by Dr. Carlos Suadi 


I look forward to hearing from you... LaTangela